What kind of architectural system do you choose?
Opening System
Sliding System
Ideal systems for projects of demanding specifications
Upgraded sliding system functions
What is the environment of your place of residence?
Densely populated
Sparsely populated
If your home is located in areas close to the sea
If you live in a densely populated area
If your house is located in a mountainous area with a high altitude
If your area is sparsely populated
Do you live or are you going to live in?
Detached house
Apartment building
You choose peace and autonomy
You prefer easy access and companionship
What are your favorite colors?
An intense color choice, attracts attention and impresses
A soft color, in your frames, becomes one with the space
For you the frames mean:
Aesthetics Dose
It is the most important criterion for you
It gives a pleasant and different tone to your home
You consider both equally important