”An act of love for the special education community in Thessaloniki.

Aluminco stands as a helper and supporter in the work of the educational community and special education.

In the light of the selfless offer, it replaced all the old worn out windows of the 3rd Special Kindergarten of Thessaloniki and the Special Primary School of the Institute of Developmental Rehabilitation, in Pefka of Thessaloniki, by installing modern aluminium windows, significantly improving the living and educational conditions in the two school units, while at the same time ensuring the much desired energy savings.

The construction works were carried out with all safety measures and were successfully completed, creating a feeling of satisfaction for both the company and the students and teachers of the school. ” Aluminco

ALUMINCO companion and helper.

The human-centric profile of the ALUMINCO industry in another discreet action!

Salva n special action, for a special purpose !

With care, humanity and empathy.

A labor of love, in school units, ensuring energy savings and the safety of the wonderful students of the 3rd Special Kindergarten of Thessaloniki

We thank ALUMINCO for their trust in the commissioning of the Love Project, which they offered to the Special Education Community in Thessaloniki.