Maintenance & Cleaning of aluminium profiles

Conditions before cleaning
Cleaning should be done in the morning hours and not when the aluminium profile is hot from the sun or when temperatures are above 30°C

Use a vacuum cleaner, preferably an electric one, and remove any dirt (dust, leaves) inside the guides. That is, at the bottom of the frame. Clear the sinks and their openings of any obstructions (sinks are located at the bottom of sliding or opening frames. )


With a soft cloth and lukewarm water, start cleaning from the top of the frame and downwards. It is advisable not to use acidic solutions in combination with the water, but some soap or anything with a mild Ph.

With minimal pressure and very carefully you can use the hose. Only when it rolls lightly on the frame. Never make use of a compressor
If you are still concerned about a silicone, putty, glue or salt mark, contact us and we will refer you to the ideal product for your need.
Wipe with a cloth at the end to remove any dirt and complete the cleaning process.

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